Who is Antioch?

We started Antioch in 2010 with the belief that God had called us to be a new expression of His Church.  Not better than other churches, just different. We firmly believe that there is only one Body of Christ, the Church, but that body has many parts each with different purposes.  We believe our purpose to be as follows:

“To bring Glory to God through the advancing of His Kingdom.”

“Deep worship, dependence upon the Holy Spirit, and a commitment to live life together.”

How is Antioch unique as a church?

Our longing is to see things restored to the way they were intended to be, first in our lives and then in the world around us.  To see His Kingdom come and His will be done, both in us and through us.

“Deep worship, dependence upon the Holy Spirit, and a commitment to live life together.”

  • You can have church without a message, but you can’t have church without worship.  A good portion of our time is devoted to pouring out love to God through worship and prayer.

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit is still active and leading the body of Christ.  We try to be intentional about waiting on the Spirit and allowing Him to lead.

  • Jesus said that all men will know that we are His disciples by the love we have for one another.  This kind of a relationship can’t be developed by meeting together once a week for 2 hours. Therefore, we are committed to investing in each other’s lives and spending time together.

What about kids?

We have a great value for children at Antioch. We love having the kids as part of our church family and encourage families to enjoy our worship time (music) together. We are also dedicated to providing our kids with a fun and safe church experience while continually pointing them to Jesus.  One of the ways that we are accomplishing this goal is through the help of The Gospel Project, a Bible-based story curriculum that focuses on the Word of God and the redemptive story of Christ. More information may be found in this short video about our children’s curriculum.