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The Four Pillars

“To nurture knowledge, heal the heart, cultivate creativity, and strengthen for service.”


Knowing God requires more than just knowing facts about Him.  We believe in order to know and worship God fully it will require our head, hearts, and hands.   We are committed to developing our minds through study, our hearts through disciplines and healing, and our hands through service to those in need.

We also believe in the importance of beauty and celebrate the arts at Antioch. When God is introduced in the Scriptures it is as Creator, or Artist. We have been created in His image as creators to express His beauty and to worship Him through the arts.


Culture Words


Home is the place where you can let down your guard. You don’t have to try to be anything that you are not. You can be you without worrying about anyone judging you. Home is where we find our rest and our peace. We can never become who we were created to be if we feel like we need to hide behind a façade.


Hope is a rare thing these days. Antioch is committed to being a place where every person can find hope for whatever they are going through.


We as a church Honor not only God, but every person who walks into our community. We believe in the importance of honor to release blessing in our own lives.


Hilarity is defined as “boisterous merriment.” If you are not having fun, you are doing it wrong. Church should be serious, intense, powerful, and reverent; but it should also be filled with joy and celebration. We laugh, and are confident that laughter can be a form of worship too.



Brad & Cory Curry


After spending several years serving in the area of global missions, Brad and Cory founded Antioch Church in 2010 with a handful of young believers who were devoted to worship, discipleship and the word of God. Brad’s “God story” is unique in that he was raised Jewish and came to the saving knowledge of Christ during his quest to disprove the truth of Christianity. Together, as lead pastors of Antioch, Brad and Cory’s vision for the church remains the same: Family. Their goal: to point people to Jesus through experiential discipleship and to connect them with the heart of God through intimate worship, sound Biblical teaching and steadfast prayer.

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Ben & Tiffany Peraino

associate pastors


Dave & Lauralyn Underwood

associate pastors


Javon Jones

worship leader